SFVSG Ch.66 Good Play (part 1)

This was emphatically not a fictitious world where under the public glare one can kill or possibly hit to fly another ten men all by himself. It was also not a world where someone wears a underwear outside his pants. The people residing in this world were bounded by human logic. Regardless of anything, even if were for the king of mercenary, king of killers or king of wrestlers, when one is against a lot of men then no matter how powerful one is, over a period of time that person’s power will become insignificant in front of the crowd.

If a formidable mercenary king were to confront a hundred men all by himself without any help of dangerous weapons then the one road left for him to walk would be the road of Hades.

And, in case of killers king, if he were to not conceal himself in the darkness and prey upon another, step by step, then perhaps a dozen of martial artists could teach him how to live a normal life in place of his father.

There was a reason why a mercenary king was a king, he understood how to kill one’s enemy on the battleground better than anyone else. He understood the art of surviving or retreating in dangerous situations. Moreover, how to stand till the last and grab the victory. A king of killers had a reason for being a king, as well. He knew how to hide in the darkness. He understood better than anyone else about maximum and efficient exploitation of the thing he could exploit while on the mission of killing someone. Moreover, remain unfettered and beyond the law. Then only he could be called as the king of killers.

Four persons had to confront thirty men, moreover, the odds of success was determined even before the confrontation started. One could see that these four men must have the determination to die for the result. They also had weapons in their hand to support their courage, after all, even they would not have taken a step forward if not for being equipped with these weapons.

Cai Guhua was clearly a big fan of some fiction or possible was a T.V addict. Maybe, that was the reason why she evaluated these four bodyguards of her own biasedly in front of those security guards, and she treated these thirty security guards who were very troublesome in group lightly. Actually, if it was not for Xu Taiping’s, then these four bodyguards may have oppressed these thirty security guards, after all, these thirty were intimidated even by the name of bodyguard profession at the beginning. As long as, there was an intimidated crowd, the crowd was hopeless even if the number was in a hundred.

While reading a book, quite many people frequently came across the situation were even though the good side had many people in comparison to the other good for nothing hooligans, they still felt intimidated just by hearing a ruthless sentence or maybe because the leader of these goons was a renowned person, after all, they didn’t have anyone who dares to go against the people’s will of saving one’s own life before other. However, this didn’t hold true in case if this coward crowd also had a person who could provide the impetus. In that case, even if the other party was fierce and tough, there was a high probability that the previous coward crowd would try to go against those hooligans. This was the vital role of the leaders.

Xu Taiping was clearly that type of bellwether for this group of security guards. He made these security guards realize that these bodyguards were emphatically not dreadful, and not worth anything if they were to fight these bodyguard in the locality controlled by them. That was a reason why those four elite bodyguards could only retreat back after being beaten black and blue.

======to be continue======