SVFG Ch.67 This is a misunderstanding

Wang Li jumped down from the first truck and dashed toward that chaotic crowd. He stopped in front of the crowd and yelled, “What is going on here?! Stop this insanity at once!!!” “Everyone stop!” Xu Taiping yelled. Along with Xu Taiping’s order, every personnel of the security department, present there, stopped his hand. Even … Continue reading SVFG Ch.67 This is a misunderstanding


Hello to all. Well as you can see there aren't many updates last month. As I said in my last post, I was involved in a pathetic accident and was recovering. here is how things happened. went back to my village with my friend who got married recently. kind of fell back from a tree … Continue reading SFVSG Ch.66

SFVSG Ch.66 (part 1)

hello everyone, First of all, sorry for being absent for so many days without notice. There was a reason for my absence. After my friends' marriage(both of them are my childhood friend :D), I went back to my native place with them. There due to some carelessness, I fell down from a tree (it was … Continue reading SFVSG Ch.66 (part 1)

Editor required.

As far as I know from different comments on here and novelupdates, my sentence structures are very odd and create a lot of difficulties while reading. I would really use one or two editors to fix it. Since, My English is not up to the mark as it isn't my first or even second language, … Continue reading Editor required.