Hello to all.

Well as you can see there aren’t many updates last month. As I said in my last post, I was involved in a pathetic accident and was recovering. here is how things happened.

  1. went back to my village with my friend who got married recently.
  2. kind of fell back from a tree while plucking some fruits.
  3. local doctors said that there are some hairline fracture and wrapped some bandage.
  4. after 20 days I wrote half chapter and felt it was still paining. I thought maybe because of not using my fingers for a long time.
  5. went back to the city and consulted with a doctor due to constant pain.
  6. said I had a fracture in my wrist. Gave me a plaster and asked me to not move my dominant wrist for a month.
  7. got my bandage cut yesterday.

So now here I am with. Hopefully, I am back. Now what I am going to do now is

  1. translate 1 chapter of SFVSG every day.
  2. Translation of PF will be sporadic as very few people are interested in it.

Now without further ado here is another chapter:

SFVSG Ch.66 Good Play


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