SFVSG Ch.66 (part 1)

hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for being absent for so many days without notice. There was a reason for my absence. After my friends’ marriage(both of them are my childhood friend :D), I went back to my native place with them. There due to some carelessness, I fell down from a tree (it was summer and nothing is better than eating mangoes directly from a tree) and broke my fingers. there were around three hairline fractures in my hand and my thumb was dislocated. I had to live for about a month without using a laptop. So sorry once again. I hope that I could translate chapters regularly from now on.

Things to do this week.

  1. I have already started hagure yushha, but since I am very new with Japanese I am going very slow. I am translating from Volume 2 prologue. As Volume two and three are already covered in anime, I will use those for practice (but I guarantee that quality will be good enough.)
  2. Since in the start I was totally new to the translation, the quality of Perfect Feast is very confusing so I am editing it to the best of my abilities. Don’t worry I have already started chapter 20 and will translate 21 and 22 before this week. You can complain if I don’t post these three before the end of the week. But before posting any of these chapters, I will be going through previous 19 for obvious edits.
  3. I have started to translate SFVSG Ch. 66 but my hands started to pain so I could only post 500 words, tomorrow I will post the remaining.

Now without further delay here is the link



8 thoughts on “SFVSG Ch.66 (part 1)

    1. Thanks,
      Actually, I am almost recover. But since I was not using my hands for a month, it sometimes pains.

  1. don’t push your self..take it slowly..and the page cannot be found, is what iy says when i click the link to ch 66 part 1…

  2. I though u gave up on this lol, well good to see you back bro. Man you’re just like my mom who likes to climb tree’s and shes in hero fifties. Nearly fell too.

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